Amusing facts about Christopher Columbus

The man who is credited with the discovery of America is Christopher Columbus. Before his visit to America, it was habituated with Native Americans. But his voyage towards the country brought the difference. He intended to colonize America. Born in Genoa, Italy, Columbus moved to Lisbon in later part of his life and lived there as a trader. He had some special skills that time like navigating a ship, making maps and follow the map routes. The beginning of his voyage was tough and he had to spend a notable amount of time to get a sponsor for his voyage.

Many of the facts about this great explorer are unknown and here are some top facts that might appear enjoyable to the readers.

The eldest son of the family:
Christopher Columbus was born to wool weaver and had four more siblings. He was the eldest of them.

A middle-class family:
During those days in the Middle Age, getting birth in a middle-class family was the sign of a good luck. Most of the people were either poor or very rich.

Left School at 14:
At the age of 14, Columbus left his school. He also used to work with his father as an apprentice. But he left that job too to become a merchant with a trading ship.

First voyage at 19:
At an early age, Christopher Columbus had his first long voyage. He was 19. He went to the Aegean Sea on his employer’s ship.

Smart look:
Christopher Columbus was tall enough at that time with a nice skin complexion. His physical beauties increased with the passage of time.

Married twice:
In his lifetime, Columbus had married twice. And he fathered two sons with two of his wives.

Sailed through the Atlantic Ocean:
Columbus sailed through the Atlantic Ocean. But he was not the first European. Historians believe that around 500 years ago the adventure began and another person had set journey.

Landed in the Bahamas:
Columbus landed in the Bahamas in his Voyage. And later, he landed in Indies. He met with some Indians there. So, the native people of America is termed as Indians.

A pirate:
Columbus became famous for his invention of the New World. But beforehand, he used to invade merchant ships of different countries. In fact, he was a pirate.

A religious devotee:
In his lifetime, he never forgot God. He was a religious person and believed that it was God’s will to start the voyage. So, after discovering a new land, he used to name it after religious features.

A writer:
Not only an explorer, but Columbus was also a writer. He has authored a book named Book of Privileges. In that book, he has written about the promise he received from the Spanish crown and how the promises were not met. He tried to write another book named Book of Prophecies.

Columbus experienced some physical disabilities. He became blind for some period of inflammation in his eyes. He also suffered from some other diseases like diarrhoea, pain in joints among others.

Voyage to India:
Actually, Columbus wanted to discover India in the shortest way. He planned a route through the western sea. He had an idea that the sea route would be the easiest way to reach India.

A slave trader:
People around the world consider him as a great explorer but he was a slave trader too. After landing in new lands, he used to hold people and considered them as a valuable resource for him. He began the slave trade. Actually, he had both the admirable and negative qualities together.

Columbus Day:
Many countries of the world celebrate Columbus Day on October 12. In fact, in this day Columbus landed in America. Now, this is an official holiday in some states.

Introduced horse:
In the New World, Columbus introduced horses for various reasons. With the passage of time, the horses become an essential part of the local people.

Gold tribute system:
Being interested in golds, Columbus introduced the gold tribute system. The Tainos adults had to supply a certain amount of gold on a regular basis. Punitive measures were taken against the violators.

Arrested for mismanagement:
Columbus was arrested in 1500 for mismanagement in the colony. He was arrested along with his brothers and brought back to Spain in chains. Later he was freed.

Miserable death:
Christopher Columbus died an unnoticed death. He died at the age of 55. His death was so miserable that it was registered around 10 days later.

Scattered remains:
The remains of Christopher Columbus have been transferred to different places. So, the historians are of the view that Columbus’ remains are scattered in different places.

In his lifetime, he underwent numerous types of experiences. Sometimes, he demonstrated good qualities and some were negative. But he is remembered for his invention of the New World. And now he is a remarkable character to the world.

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