Exciting facts about Michael Faraday

Widely known as the ‘Father of Electricity’, Michael Faraday was one of the notable chemists and influential thinkers of the world. He loved to experiment on things that people never did before. Besides, he also wrote several theories, considered as the inventor of the electric motor. All of his inventions were great and have been used in the present days to make life easier and comfortable. But many of his life events are hidden from ordinary people and thus he remains almost mysteries to us. A few remarkable events of his life are narrowed down here for a better comprehension of the readers.

A scientist without a science background:
Most of the scientists are well known for their higher education and formal degrees. But it was different for Michael Faraday. He had a tough childhood that compelled him to start earning from an early life.

Loved to experiment:
Faraday loved to experiment with different things and all the things he did by himself. He used to maintain a diary about his thoughts and upcoming experiments and all these brought him the fame.

Invented motor using a magnet:
When he came to know about the theory of electrical motor, he produced a device with a magnet to hold the electricity. The device later came to known as the electric motor. Besides, he described how he succeeded in this process in one of his journals.

Magnetic force invention:
Faraday is also famous for inventing the magnetic force- how the magnets work even if they are covered. Earlier, there were no ideas that the magnets have no patterns and connections if they are covered with something.

Coining scientific terms:
Faraday is one of the scientific genius people who made up different terminologies that we use today in our everyday life. Almost all of his identifications are named by him like anode, ion, and the electrode.

A royal gift:
For his outstanding contribution to science, he was presented with a royal present. It was a house from the Prince Consort. The house is still available in the region of the UK.

Portrayed on currency:
To admit the contribution of Faraday, the Bank of England introduced a note of 20 pounds in 1991. This is a great honor for people to have their portrait on the currencies. In line with some other highly acclaimed people, Faraday also got his berth on the note.

Belongs to a poor family:
As it is told before, Michael Faraday was different from the other scientists. He had to struggle a lot for his poverty-stricken family. In fact, he passed days with barely having anything to eat when he was a child.

Left school:
Faraday had to leave his school to assist his family. But he had some determinations inside which made him into a great person. Though he left school in those days, he compensated his academic backgrounds through the special inventions.

A chemist:
He was a chemist too. In fact, he is the inventor of some of the important chemicals like benzene that we use in the present days.

A bookbinder:
During his career as a bookbinder, he grew his interest in science. He had to bind a wide variety of books and he read some of them from first to last. The work at the bookshop actually fanned the willingness to become a scientist.

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