Fascinating facts about Archimedes

The life of Greek mathematician Archimedes is little known to many. In fact, the personal life of this greatest mathematician of the world is yet to be completely discovered from a different perspective. Most of the information that we get today about him is the result of efforts of historians for centuries. In history, Archimedes is famous for his contribution to the development of war machines for his own city. Besides, the math genius is also renowned for many quotations.

There so many interesting facts are available about this man and the best eight of them are narrowed down in the part below for the audience.

A Sicilian:
By birth, Archimedes was a Sicilian. He was born in 287 BC and passed his life in this region. In fact, his city Syracuse is now adorned globally for him.

Extraordinary Talent:
You might feel weird that how a man could possess so many qualities at a time. He was skilled in different issues. Archimedes had a passion for art, astronomy and even politics. He also loved listening to music and it was one of his major interests. He also contributed to poetry as well.

Discovery of ‘Eureka’:
It is believed that Archimedes discovered the term ‘Eureka’. The term is still used in different situations when someone is able to discover something new. Actually, ‘Eureka’ has turned synonymous to the discovery of something newer. People of different strata use the term spontaneously in this age too.

Pi Value:
It was Archimedes who determined the exact value of Pi. Before his determination, it was not possible to get the exact value of this mathematical term. Before his discovery, many of the mathematicians had dealt with the issue but no reasonable solution was available until Archimedes interfered into the issue.

A military strategist:
Not only a mathematician; Archimedes was a military strategist as well. He took some active parts in setting up strategies for his own city and state. In his days, warfare was a common issue and those who had the right strategy, they became the winner. Accordingly, Archimedes helped the military of his country to win such situations.

Father of Mechanics:
Archimedes is considered as the father of mechanics. He also had a great contribution in inventing the pulleys while the invention of the lever is the other important contribution to modern science from this great scientist. For his contribution, we now can lift heavier objects and shift them to the places we want.

Center of Gravity:
The invention of the center of gravity is one of the most impressive inventions of this genius. He invented the concept that has changed Physics. Now, with the application of the center of gravity, people have become able to perform different types of scientific activities. In fact, with the passage of time, the applications of the center of gravity are on the rise.

Inspiration to Others:
Not only in his time, but Archimedes also had his influence on people of his past days. His theories helped many other scientists to investigate the matters he suggested. His incomplete activities had made them curious. Even Isaac Newton was also inspired by his theories and investigated the mathematics of motion.

Though Archimedes was unable to prove all of his inventions, he was able to pass the senses to his successors and we are enjoying the benefits even today. He was truly a genius devoted to the betterment of physics.

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