Interesting facts about Louis Pasteur

Everyone knows the name Louis Pasteur and he is famous for several reasons. In fact, he is termed as the father of microbiology. He was a French biologist and mostly known for his contribution to the development of pasteurization. Besides, he also contributed to preventing different diseases and reducing the mortality rate. Pasteur is also known for his discovery of the anthrax vaccine. The pasteurization process also helps to prevent bacterial contamination of the liquids like milk.

Some of his life events are still a mystery to many around the world. So, a bunch of interesting information about this great man is noted here.

Invented Pasteurization
This is the most special and effective invention of this great scientist. If there were no pasteurization process, it would have been tough for us to treat liquid foods. In the present context, the pasteurization process is applied for treating milk. Sometimes, it is applied to wine and beer too.

Right hand and left hand
He is the only person who noticed the issue of using the right hand and left hand. Earlier, no concepts were available in this regard. This happens for brain directions. This is also a common trend among the living human beings.

A fighter with paralysis
For some unknown reasons, Louis Pasteur suffered a brain stroke. It was so severe that he became paralyzed and had to remain so in the remaining part of his life. But he did not stop his activities. Pasteur continued his research as before.

Chicken cholera vaccine
He is the one who invented the vaccine of chicken cholera. Before the invention of the vaccine, the situations were worst and the disease caused serious damage to the patients. So, he invented the vaccine in 1879 to prevent the chicken cholera vaccine.

Last vaccine of life
Pasteur invented the last vaccine of his life in 1895. It was the rabies vaccine. Besides, he also made the term ‘vaccination’.

A man with a fear of diseases
Since he discovered numbers of the vaccine, he was afraid of them. So, he avoided the contacts with people to keep himself secure. Even he never shook hands with people to exchange greetings.

Adventurous childhood
In his early part of life, Pasteur was fond of different adventurous activities. He had his interests in painting. Besides, he loved fishing too. Most of the time he joined the fishing parties after the college hours.

An inquisitive soul
From his early life, he was inquisitive in almost everything. Events happened that he frequently used to ask questions of his teachers particularly about chemistry. The teachers felt irritated for is excessive questions.

Legion of Honor
For his contribution to science, he was awarded ‘Legion of Honor’. In fact, he had great contributions to science and many of the local institutes bear his name commemorating his contributions to science. He also received some other prestigious honor like Rumford Medal and Copley Medal.

Savior to the silk industry
Earlier in the 18the century, the silk industry was in trouble. A type of parasites damaged the silkworms. In fact, the silkworms were destroyed. Pasteur invented microbes that finally resulted in destroying the parasites. Right before the invention of microbes, he was unaware of how silkworms looked.

Pasteur Institute
Louis Pasteur founded an institute after his name in Paris. The institute was named as ‘Pasteur Institute’. It was inaugurated in 1888 and now serving as one of the most impressive medical institutions in the world. The institute is contributing to the development of physiology and medicine in the present days.

A religious individual
Until his death, Louis Pasteur was a completely religious man. He had his trust in God and followed the rules and regulations of religion.

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