Interesting facts about Karl Marx

Mostly famous for his theories, German philosopher Karl Marx was the admirer of Socialism. He played several rules together like sociologist, economists and even journalist. He was a writer as well. He is often criticized for his theories and even welcomed in some cases as well. As a result, he has become one of the most influential characters in the world. Karl Marx is also known for the term ‘Marxism’. The theory is the blend of the ideas and theories of Marx and Friedrich Engels. However, many of the interesting matters about this great man are unknown. Some of the captivating information is enlisted here that you probably missed and are not mentioned in the usual sources

Born in a Jew ancestry: Though this great man of the history came to light for many reasons, he was born in a Jews ancestry and later his family turned into Christianity. Besides, it was a middle-class family where Karl Marx was born in Prussia On May 5 in 1818. His father was a lawyer while his mother was a Dutch Jew and dedicated her life as a homemaker.

Home-schooling: Karl Marx had a home-schooling. He was under the guidance of his father till the age of 12. Unluckily many of the records about the childhood of this great man are not found still today. He attended the school at 12 at the Trier High School.

Rejected from military: Like the other youths of his age, he was supposed to join the military of the country. But he was reluctant to join the force. And by the same time, he was physically unfit to join the military. He had a poor chest condition that did not allow him to join.

Education forced by father: Karl Marx’s education was influenced by his father. His father dominated on this matter than him. Marx wanted to study philosophy and literature while his father opposed the idea. His father wanted him to study law. And he was admitted to the University of Boon at the age of 17.

Joined Poet’s Club: At the University of Boon, Karl Marx came in the contact with a group of poets of the university. He joined with them at the Poet’s Club. But some of the group members were monitored by the law enforcing agencies.

The dispute in the university: Unluckily, Karl Marx had some disputes with a member of the Borussian Korps. The dispute took place for some unwanted reasons and gradually he started losing his academic distinctions. So, again it was his father who wanted him to transfer to another university.

Married Jenny: Karl Marx had married Jenny von Westphalen, a woman higher than his class. Interestingly, both of them were known to each other since their childhood but fell in love in their adulthood. And Marx made a friendship with her father too so that there are no obstacles to the marriage.

Young Hegelian: This was a group with whom Karl Marx got involved after he shifted in Berlin. The group was formed with the participation of German intellectuals. They used to write about a specific legacy.

A great writer: Not only a philosopher but Karl Marx was also a good writer. He had a deep sense of love for art and culture. In his lifetime, he has composed a notable number of poems, novels, and even dramas.

Received his PhD: In 1841, Karl Marx had received his doctoral degree. His study was a bit controversial that dealt with the difference between the Democritean and Epicurean philosophy nature. He showed that the theology must yield to the superior wisdom of philosophy.

Wrote for newspapers: When he shifted to Cologne, he started writing for newspapers and especially for Rhineland news. He wrote some articles for the newspaper where he explained his opinions and ideas on economics. He also focused on socialism through the articles as well. But the anti-government writings brought some bad luck to him.

Controversial theories: Karl Marx mostly invented theories that were beneficial for the working class people. His theories asked the working class people to take some revolutionary actions which later formed the base of communism. So, the theories became controversial for the people against communism.

Social class struggle: The struggle among the social classes worried him more than anything. Being influenced by socialism, he became concerned about political issues, society, and economics. He tried inventing theories that could reduce the social class struggles.

Moulded communism: Many of the readers might have the idea that Karl Marx is the inventor of communism. But in reality, he actually moulded the theory with some of the additions. He was influenced by the ideas that he got from reading some of the books. Later he applied them and also invented some of the fresh theories that helped greatly to mould the communism.

Devoted husband: In his private life, he was a responsible man. He had a happy family with Jenny and they were the parents of six children. He provided nicknames for all of his children and even he also had his own nickname – Old Nick.

Suffered from diseases: During his life, Karl Marx had suffered from many diseases like liver problems, sciatica, frequent toothaches and headaches, insomnia and some other usual diseases. His situations were so serious that he could not sit or even lie down. He used to take opium to get relief from the pains.

A revolutionary: With his sharp writing, Karl Marx became a revolutionary. He started writing in newspapers and gradually became the editor of the newspaper he started with. But he got expelled from countries for his writing.

Final words -This brilliant man with a higher degree actually thought for the people. He developed ways to stop rich people becoming richer. So, he was hated by them till his death. During his life, he suffered a financial crisis and was unable to run his newspaper. But he did not stop and continued his struggle with the wife. And he died in London on March 14 in 1833. Unfortunately, a few of his fans and followers attended his funeral.

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