Interesting facts about Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was an iconic figure and the longest reigning monarch in the history of Britain. She ascended the throne at an early age and had a great influence on British society. Her coronation was experienced by a huge number of British people. She became the queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland and due to her successful regime, an era has been named after her. She ruled over 60 years at a stretch and gradually built her empire as the largest one in the history. But many of her information was not public in those days. Here are some of the important and interesting facts about this great lady that will amaze the readers. Let’s begin…

Coronation at an early age:

The British Empire consisted of over 400 million people when she was crowned as the monarch. She was only 18 years at that time when she was declared the monarch of the Empire after the death of her uncle. She ruled this extensive empire with a strong hand and expanded the boundary of her empire in the ruling tenure.

One of the longest reigns:

Queen Victoria was one of the longest reigning monarchs of the British Empire. She ruled the nation for over 60 consecutive years. Besides, Queen Victoria was the oldest monarch of this empire. But her record was broken by Queen Elizabeth II.

A short queen:

Though Queen Victoria had ruled over half of the world, she was not that much tall. Historians estimate that she was barely five feet tall. But she always tried to take care of the issue in public and she was warned by one of her uncles that she should be careful about the height issue.

Experienced the modern age:

Queen Victoria is a lucky monarch of the British Empire who has experienced the modern age. She died in 1901 and before her death, she came to know about the pivotal changes that England underwent. She rode in vehicles like a train, used modern communication device of that time such as phonograph and mostly used that for keeping liaison with the other diplomats.

A desk to White House:

Queen Victoria had gifted a desk from a retired ship to the White House in the USA. Most of the USA President have used the desk and customized them to their needs. The desk is still available in the White House.

Several close calls:

In her lifetime, Queen Victoria had experienced several serious attacks on her life. Later, the issue of security was a concern for her. And she started unusual fashion accessories to protect her life. During most of the attempts, she was riding in a carriage.

Outspoken nature:

Queen Victoria was outspoken in nature. The outspoken nature had removed all the barriers before her on the way of ruling the Empire. It is often believed that she was outspoken to increase her reputation as the monarch and cover up her small stature.

Proposed her husband:

Queen Victoria met her husband, Albert, even before becoming the queen of the empire. Later, she had to propose Albert to marry her as it was not possible for Albert to propose Victoria as she was the queen of the empire. The marriage was the result of engineering of one of their mutual uncles.

Raised by a single mother:

Queen Victoria was the daughter of Edward, the Duke of Kent. But unluckily, her father died when she was only one-year-old. Since then, she lived with her mother. Interestingly, when her husband died of typhoid, she also remained single with her kids.

The royal disease:

Victoria was the patient of a Royal Disease. She was the bearer of Hemophilia. This was the type of disease that clotted the blood for a chromosome mutation. She might have received the disease from her maternal line.

Thorny childhood:

Though she was a princess, she could not enjoy her childhood. She was dominated by one of the advisors of her mother whom she fired later. She was kept isolated from the Royal Court so that there are no relations could be built with the court. She was also the subject of strict discipline and it was imposed by her uncle.

Multilingual personality:

Queen Victoria had some perfect schooling in her childhood. She learned several languages including German, French, Latin, Italian and obviously English. She was fluent in all the languages. She, reportedly, also learned some local languages of Asia like Hindustani language and Urdu.

Poor relation with Prime Ministers:

After ascending the throne for over 60 years, Queen Victoria had experienced a good number of Prime Ministers. But not all the Prime Ministers were able to win her heart. She had some intimate relations with some of the Prime ministers while she maintained a distance with the others.

European grandmother:

She had a married life for 21 years with Albert and they had nine children altogether. And they were married off to various European monarchies. As a result, her family was expanded across Europe and her family expanded across the continent. And each of the families was regarded as the Royal families. Her lineage covered almost all the royal families on the continent.

A devoted wife:

Albert died at a young age for typhoid. The Queen a long time for the death. Even she started avoiding the public life and her popularity started declining. She could not forget her husband till her death. And she never remarried though it is reported that she had some intimate friendship with one of her servants from Scotland.

Final Words – At present, Queen Victoria is the name of the most famous queen of history. She ruled over a vast empire and gained immense success with her intelligence. Historians have named her ruling tenure as the Victorian Era. She died at the beginning of the 21st century. She was the very first monarch of the Empire to live in the Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria was a writer too and used to keep diaries. She was different from the other monarch of the Empire and got engaged with the public events. A notable number of streets in the UK is named after this great lady.

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