Interesting facts about Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, better known as Stephen Hawking, was one of the prominent physicists of this century. He is widely known for his Big Bang Theory. After the theory, the universe is created from space and time singularity. He is also famous for his book “A Brief History of Time” which also brought fame for him in the later years of life. People know him as a scientist of physics but there are some other interesting facts about him. He suffered from Motor Neuron Disease but continued his scientific researches till the last breath. Some of the major interesting information is here to share with you.

Born in Galileo’s Death Anniversary: Stephen Hawking was born on the death anniversary of Galileo. It was the 300th death anniversary of the great man. And certainly, it was a coincidence for both of them.

Worst Student of Class: In his early days, Stephen Hawking was not a brilliant student at all. Rather, he was termed as the worst students of his class. On the other side, some of the teachers in the school assumed that he would be a great scholar in his future. So, they believed in him.

Lou Gehrig’s Disease: Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease at the age of 21. The doctors who diagnosed the disease were expecting a short life expectancy of Hawking. But he is still alive and passing his happy days with his family and other members around him.

Paralyzed Scientist: He was the only scientist who was paralyzed and passed his days with comfort. He used the speech generating device for communication. In fact, this is the device that made him able to continue his researches and other usual activities. But he needed a wheelchair for his movement.

A Boatman in Early Life: Before getting paralyzed, Stephen Hawking was a boatman and used to be a top member of his university rowing team. He was adventurous in nature. He was dedicated to the rowing as well. As a result, he became the most popular member of the rowing club of the University.

A Great Writer: Despite the physical disabilities, Stephen Hawking had written a remarkable number of books and both for the children and the adults. Some of his books are well-known and contributed to his success.

Zero gravity Flight: Stephen Hawking took a zero-gravity flight and his sole intention was to know how everything felt in this situation. He was on the belief that in the future human race will need to shift in the outer space to colonize.

Great Television Career: Stephen Hawking appeared in various television commercials. Even he used his voice for the programs as well. He appeared on ‘The Simpsons’ and even at the comedy show ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Mocked for Big Bang Theory: When Stephen Hawking published his Big Bang Theory, he was mocked around. Most of the people did not want to believe his theory but when he proved the theory, he was appreciated around the world.

American Accent: Stephen Hawking is a British by born. But the synthesizer that he uses provides an American tone. He was asked to change the tone but he denied saying that the tone has become a part of him. So, he was reluctant to change the voice tone and spoke in an American accent.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Hawking took the ice bucket challenge but due to his physical inability, he could not complete the challenge. Instead of Hawking, his children completed the challenge. Though he was intended to take the challenge, his doctors did not agree with him as it may bring a serious disaster in his life.

Built Computer: Stephen Hawking had built a computer when he was a school student. He was accompanied by some of his fellow classmates and a mathematics teacher. They used some parts from an old telephone switchboard, many recycled components, and clock parts.

Highly Educated Family: He belonged from a family which was highly educated. His parents attended the University of Oxford. His other siblings were also fond of books. So, he had a congenial environment around him in his childhood to grow interested in books and reading.

Difficult Theories: Stephen Hawking invented several theories of science. But most of the theories are not for ordinary people. Many of the people are unaware about the theories and they do not understand as well.

Liked Mathematics: From an early age, Stephen Hawking was fond of mathematics and other science subjects. In fact, he loved to have mathematics as his major subject. But his father possessed a different idea than him. His father wanted him to study medicine.

A Brief History of Time: This is the bestseller of this scientist. It brought him name and fame around the world both as a scientist and as a writer. He shared his ideas through the book for ordinary readers.

It appears that Stephen Hawking is the man who had contributed a lot to the betterment of science. His intentions are great and he wanted to have a better planet for living.

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