Interesting information about Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei is one of the most adorable genius minds and scientists of the world. He is revered even in the present day for his contributions to science. His boldness to challenge the then rules is still an inspiration to many. He is celebrated across the world for numerous reasons and particularly his theory of sun rotation. He is the man who also had discovered sports on the sun. The event of his house arrest is still remarkable and he was the only man to question the Roman Catholic Church which made the clerks angry at him. Besides, history remembers this man for his nonstop devotion to the betterment of science.

However, he was not an open book for all. So, still today, we are unaware of this prolific person. So, 10 interesting facts about Galileo Galilei are narrowed down here so that you could know him better.

A smart kid:
After his birth in a Roman Catholic family, he appeared as the smartest one. He had five other siblings and he was the eldest one. But despite being the eldest, he had some special qualities in him since an early childhood.

A musician:
Most of the people know him as a figure who contributed to science. But he was a great musician too. He learned to play several types of musical instruments that he had learned from his father. Galileo also got fame with the musical instruments. In fact, genetically he was fond of music.

Adored Copernicus:
Galileo was an admirer of Copernicus. Somehow, he had a firm belief in mind that the planet earth was not the center of this universe. He believed the theory and tried to prove it practically.

A character on screen:
The life and living of Galileo Galilei were filled with excitement and thrills. So, many of the later age screenwriters have experimented on him through their writings. As a result, a couple of plays have been created keeping him as the central character.

An unmarried father:
So far, no pieces of evidence have been available that Galileo Galilei got married in his lifetime. But he became a father and without a marriage. In this case, he had his partner Marina Gambia. He met with her during a trip to Venice. And they were in love. But Galileo did not marry the woman despite they had a wonderful relationship.

A priest turned a scientist:
In his early life, Galileo wanted to become a priest and it was his aim in life. But in reality, he did not turn a priest rather become a scientist. Though his father preferred medicine and he got enrolled, he left the course behind.

A ‘misunderstood’ teacher:
In his career, Galileo became a teacher but he could not teach well. In fact, this is not the right words to describe – his students alleged that he had an inappropriate behave. So, the University of Pisa did not allow him teaching there.

The inventor of the telescope:
This is a debated issue that if Galileo Galilei is the real inventor of the telescope. It is said that he got the idea from somewhere else and implemented the theory in his own way. Whatever it is, the telescope is truly a blessing for us.

Galilean moons:
Galileo Galilei is the astronomer who discovered the moons of Jupiter. In fact, he discovered four moons around Jupiter in 1610. The moons were named after this great scientist.

Unfortunate in the last part:
He became blind in the last part of his life. There are no exact reasons are not found yet behind the blindness. But his blindness had no impact on his activities. He kept inventing theories and mechanisms.

Galileo Galilei was a man who had spent a great portion of his life for science. Many of his contributions are around us that we even do not know. His courage to face the challenges, discover the new and apply the earned knowledge for betterment is adorable indeed. Thus, history remembers this great figure with respect.

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