Intriguing facts about George Washington

George Washington was one of the most impressive political leaders in the History of the United States of America. He has played important roles in the history of the USA. He was a great soldier as well. A large number of events are found in his memory and he became the very first President of the country too. He led a stunning life with all his abilities and his love the fellow countrymen was adorable. Some of the interesting facts about this great leader are noted here for the readers.

Belonged to a poor family: Though George Washington became the first president of the USA, he was originated from a poor family. The impoverished family was unable to meet the regular expenses and he had to give up attending his school. He was admitted to the school when he was six and had to leave the school when he turned 15. It was extreme poverty that did not allow his family to bear the educational costs of this great man.

Never had kids: George Washington married at the age of 26. He was married to Martha Custis. But he did not have any kids with the lady. Rather, Custis, a widow, was the mother of two children from her former husband. Despite being a stepfather, Washington used to care for the kids like his own children.

Pulled out teeth: He was taller than the average people with a good health. But frequently, he suffered from toothaches. So, he had to pull out all the teeth. Later, he started using false teeth which were made from various types of objects like ivory, lead, animal teeth, human teeth and even gold.

For and against the British: As a soldier, George Washington has fought for the British in Ohio. The battle was against the French but unfortunately, he had lost the battle. In the later stages, he had to fight against the British as well.

Died of Bloodletting: It is said earlier that Washington had a good health but he died of some simple reasons. He had a cold and took treatment. But the treatment was unsuccessful and he died within 48 hours of the cold. It is told that he died for the medical malpractice.

Followed Julian Calendar: George Washington used to follow the Julian Calendar to know about the dates. Though there were changes in the calendar system and people in the country started following the Gregorian calendar, he stuck to the old system.

Close Calls: He was a soldier at the beginning of his life and fought many battles. Despite his participation in battles, he was saved luckily. He experienced many close calls. Many of the bullets from the opponents missed him for inches. Admitting his bravery, he was promoted to the highest rank of the United States army posthumously.

Never took Salaries: Though George Washington was the president of the USA, he did not take any salary from the government. He used his own money to bear his living. It is also known that he also paid salaries for some of the cabinet members from his own pocket.

Set Presidency Terms: He was a very intelligent and smart person of his age. He had set the Presidential terms that a president cannot run for the post after two consecutive terms. He also started the applications of some manners during the Presidential oath.

An Entrepreneur: George Washington was an entrepreneur. He used to be a liquor distributor and had his own distillery unit. He used to sell the produced products and it was like a revolution indeed during his lifetime. His distillery unit produced various types of whiskeys and liquors.

Present on US Bills: He is the other person who is available on the US bills. In fact, George Washington and Abram Lincoln are found on the US bills and coins. For his contribution to the improvement of the nation, Washington is present in many other matters related to the country.

Impartial President: At present, the presidents cannot remain impartial regarding various national and international policies. But George Washington was different than them. He declared the Proclamation of Neutrality. Even when he left office, he warned that the government should be aware of the issue and the warning is still followed regarding the US foreign policies.

Loved foods: George Washington was a food lover and particularly he was fond of butter and honey. He used to take breakfast with hoecakes. Actually, it was a simple pancake and was made with cornmeal, and when served, he preferred honey and butter with the cakes.

A ‘General’: He was called General by his intimate friends and even his wife, Martha Dandridge Custis, used to address him as ‘General’. But interestingly, he was addressed in this way privately.

White Hair: The hairs we see in his head were real. They looked white as he powdered them.

Finally, it is evident that this great soldier had encountered lots of matters in his life and became the president of the nation through his own caliber. He has shown his courage and love to the nation, signed the Constitution for the betterment of the country and did many more beneficial activities too.

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